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Finance Advisory

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Special Situation F‚Äčinancing

""There are multiple reasons to require liquidity / funds for your business. It could be a new project financing, operational working capital financing, growth capital or mezzanine financing, restructuring of debt, syndication opportunities, financing for business in stress (NPA, DPD, SMA0, SMA1, SMA2), financing for OTS (one time settlement), private equity solutions, initial public offer in equity (IPO), one time special event financing, bridge financing, etc. We specialize in fee based special situation fund raising advisory services. Our strength is wide spread, sector specific and credible network of strategic lenders and investors.""

"we have performance history to crack the impossible - count on us"

Consulting & Opinion

"Consulting and opinion enlightens the way forward, when you have lack of clarity, lack of professional expertise & experience and inconclusive thoughts. Our consulting and opinion will increase your confidence to deal with such situation. Your business can trust on our wisdom to provide you with services of international standards. Our professionally qualified with deep insight of business, economic and legal framework complimented by industry experience are capable enough to bring out a fruitful proposition to your business case. May it be on structuring of business model, constitution of business, legal framework, financial consulting, management consulting, consulting on operations, domestic or international taxation, etc. we are there to offer our value addition. "

"we work on very fine points. wisdom always prevails over knowledge"

Research | Study Report

"The key to a good report is in-depth analysis and an unbiased view. Study reports empower any organization in its critical decision making. Any less informed and biased decision could be a trouble some for any business. Our study efforts goes as deep as sea. Our professional team is quick enough to understand as well as anticipate motivation and dive into deep to bring out specific insights to benefit the reader of our study report. Weather its transfer pricing study report to study arm's length pricing of international / related party transactions, business case study report, market research etc, we specialize in all such study reports. ."

"research | study report is an investment. unlock your access to new learning. unbiased and in-depth analysis"

Session with CEO / CFO

"This is our one of unique service offering. Our professionally qualified and experienced think tank spend one to one closed room / web sessions on various business matters. Our structured approach to thread bear the raw information, unbiased questioning, constructive discussions and focused directions end up surfacing out relevant and critical facts and information which may be ignored out. We push our strong validation and verification matrix to make them more confident. Many promoters and senior management have enjoyed such sessions before deciding out on to start a new business, evaluate an investment, strategy formation, framing a new policy, business modeling, tax planning, etc."

"we verify, we validate - you come out of box"

Sectoral Specific Solutions

"Dedicated solutions to meet sector specific solution. Our sector specific solution will enable to resilient with an advantage."

"focus on strategy, comprehensive action plan and productivity"